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    Programmer for private scripts/private script

    Im buying some private scripts. please post what you got. Also, any programmers who want some money, please send me a skype : petitratapoil2. Looking to have a couple scripts scripted

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    Are you wanting private PP bots? Send me a PM with the details.
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    I've made my own bilge bot however it is not as effective as the bilge bots sold here, however the chances of banning is very close to 0% with loads of anti bans (and I mean loads).
    Can show you a video if you want. (I can go away and record it bilging for you)
    Can only get to GM. (and it is very capable of that)
    Gets incredible rarely, excellent is very common, good is occasional.

    Never planned on selling it since it's just not on the level of the bilge bots such as Poseidon in terms of incredibles.

    Also an a plus on this bot is that it takes little to no processing power in comparison to Poseidon. Simple Virtual machines with less than 1 GB ram and very inefficient processors can run it fine.
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