1 account contains pro fletcher, pro tablet, pro moss giants
the other account contains pro diviation, pro red dragons, pro fletcher, pro tablet, pro summoner, pro range guild, pro hunter
all bots are for RS3 ive been using them for years and they are vip both.
i never got caught, i dont think the bots are detectable yet.
both come together taking rsgp only.
im done with the game but rsgp is the only way i feel safe selling.
and omm or whoever we deem trusted can help with this trade
offers me something good these bots cost me around 120$ plus the vip 10$each looking at 140$
these are very good for money making also ive made alot using them. but i got no time since i work 2 jobs
please feel free to pm, or add me on skype Kiddkilla121

ive tried selling on other sites they dont allow it i dont know about this site so if im breaking any rules please let me know and just lock this post then.