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    *crazy idea!!!!* grand frigate run or cit run!

    Lets start with the first part of this topic, YES I am insane and I am asking for something that seems impossible.

    I have thought this through a bit and there will be absolutely 0% chance of hiding this from the Ocean Masters so if it is even remotely possible it will require all new accounts to prevent detection from the OM's and obviously other bot users (not hard to do anyway).

    What I am asking is 100+ Botters to join me on Emerald and just kick back and have some pure fun and make it as long as possible and make some serious money at the end of it (I don't care about money being a citadel runner I have it) so I will make it 100% jobbers delight as well.
    Now this seems impossible getting 100+ botters to join a run this insane, all I am doing is pitching the idea because I love to Battle Navigate Atlantis. To get so many people willing to join (Well I might as well ask my bank for a million it is more likely to happen).
    So who is willing to be up for something like this and who is going to abuse my idea? Leave your comments below!

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    Face is online now

    Gets a lot of people banned hardcore tried before back on the ye olde buypoe. Nah thanks man.

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