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    How LoL became successful?

    Recently I found this article that the LoL became more and more popular and became successfull in e-sports games in history.

    There are also some articles that indicates that most of the pro gamer from other games move to LoL to be able to participate in world championship. They also included some statistics based on the views on the day of championship. Source here

    So dota or non-dota players, what do you think? Give us your opinion...

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    I have been playing LoL since season 1 and its just been growing and growing every year. A big part of it is how clean and smooth the game looks vs dota and LoL has a lot of champs and continue to make more. The game play is what makes it such a good game tho, the big comebacks and working as a team can create a better experience that i dont believe any other game can create.

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    It's free to play and riot threw so much money behind the esports part of it that it really couldn't fail

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    You can dance whenever you kill a champion.

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    I thought so too, since it is a F2P and they contributed much on the esports. Hope they become improve more on the next season

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    LoL is successful because RIOT knows what they are doing. YPP bans 80% of the community for nonsense, and doesn't allow a return. LoL allows a return (unless you're dishing out death threats and theats of DDOS'ing). League listens to the complaints of the players (IE: Champion nerfs/buffs, skin ideas, blahblahblah). They host major tournaments. They release multiple maps in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy playing. I believe LoL is successful due to all the hard work they put in trying to make it an enjoyable experience to all.

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    I think both are great games. I prefer LoL because it was the first modern game I ever really played on PC. I loved the gameplay and learned all the controlls on my second or third game.
    I think it looks fantastic, to where Dota looks like it came out of a cartoon. The only thing that I would pick dota for is the spells, they seem to be a lot more complex and look nicer than most from LoL.

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    I like both LoL and DotA , though I quit playing LoL due to lack of friends to play with and I quit DotA because it's SO HARD. ( I like to write DotA in honor of that Warcraft 3 map )
    I think LoL got around to be so popular because of the tournaments , youtubers starting to play it (as some of you may know Athene got every single skin and champions and runes and stuff because he reffered over 5-10k people ) though their player base is AT LEAST 20% reffer accounts still they got much advertisement from youtubers , being e-sports they got around to tournaments and stuff like that .. yeah.

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    I think its because crappy computers used to be able to run at good 30 fps at low graphics. With my crappy old 2010 acer i now get about 25-30 fps. The new updates just killed it, as you get more lag spikes now and etc. Game is great though.

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