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    [UN-OFFICIAL]Bot-Supply Haxball 2v2 Championship [S01]

    What is this?
    This is a tournament for the game Haxball. The tournament is to be led in knockout stages, however if it is deemed necessary it will include replay matches.

    What is Haxball?
    HaxBall is a realtime multiplayer game that plays like a mix between football and air-hockey, and it's a real blast.

    How to enter?
    Once you have the required amount of players in your team, simply send me a PM with the title 'Haxball Championship Entry' and the body:

    I would like to enter the Bot-Supply Haxball 2v2 Championship for Season One.

    My team consists of me and [SECOND PLAYER NAME]
    I would rate my team beginner/intermediate/pro

    *All matches are to be refereed by an official (me)
    A minimum of 8 teams are need to be entered for the tournament to begin
    This is un-official.
    There is to be no payout in this season's tournament as it is a test run.

    This thread is liable to change at any time.

    R.ita I.s P.erfect

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    Oh god I remember the haxball threads on /sp/

    So much dribble drabble...

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    Anyone wanna team up with me?

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    how do u play-.- Like i know the Arrows and X but I see people grab the ball and shit, how do u do that?

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