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Thread: Ban Evasion

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    Ban Evasion

    Is there anyway to avoid this? I know the untainter allows me to create a new account but then I get banned after like 2-3 days. I just want to invest into an account without having to worry about being banned even though it was many years ago.

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    Get a good VPN or get a new Internet Service Provider. If your ISP is nice they may be able to issue a new IP your also going to want to untaint again. Also don't use bots for awhile. Above all else stay away from Real World Trading for a month at least. Don't look up your old pirate or tell anyone who you were. Don't associate with people you knew for a little while. Slowly rank up your stats. Purchase a dub pack for like 5 bucks or something cheap. A virtual machine would also help if they are doing it based off your computer hardware. Fresh install of windows may also help if need be.

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    1) Get a new router in your cellar
    2) Either untaint super deep (PM me) or get a new mainboard.

    VPNs dont work. Changing your IP doesnt work either.
    Who do you think you are?

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    I’ve been safe for years now after switching to a VM (using VMWare and Windows 10) and my IP changed automatically after a year or so of being away from the game. You must make sure your IP is different, either with a new ISP or a new router can sometimes force it.

    I wouldn’t use an untainter or a VPN. They work for a bit but you get banned eventually.

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