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Thread: Which VPN works?

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    Which VPN works?

    I wanted to go back to PP, but it isnt working even with using VPN's. With which I can play without problems?

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    I'm a noob on this subject, but i think you need a virtual machine with a vpn on it, please correct me if i'm whrong

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    Well you don't have to use a vm to evade. You really just need your hardware it's changed a new ip (vpn) and a few other things like completely removing puzzle pirates. I've found my method to be the easiest. Reinstalling a few hole new ISO onto the pc and getting a new modem. Very easy stuff to do just takes time.

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    Literally none. Essentially all VPNs (especially free ones) got abused by YPP evaders. Depending on your ISP they may be able to change your IP for you, willing to change your router for free (Tell them you've been getting ddosd or some shit and need a new IP), or depending on your type of router you can unplug it for about 24 hours (Not very fun, enjoy the outdoors) and it'll auto reset (Didn't work for me, though). If you legitimately want to evade, I strongly recommend steering away from VPNs. Not only because they got abused, but they can also be unstable.
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    VPNs don't untaint you, lol.

    You'll get banned sooner or later. Its just a 15$ money sink every month.

    Untaint properly or invest in new hardware. If you spend said 15$ on dubs per month you'll be unbanable after 6 months.
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    I have premium version of Hotspot Shield - it doesnt allow me to play Puzzle Pirates. I can play only without using programmes. With VPN's it takes something like 2 minutes to load the map of the island, then i am getting disconnected. I have never got ban on accounts where I used that VPN, but after break I cannot log on (disconnecting). It isnt possible to change IP by turning off the router (in my situation). I dont want to change IP through calling to ISP, because I did it earlier and it took something like 3 weeks (all the process of changing IP took 10 mins). I cannot change connection actually. Just bought new computer, but still the same IP.

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