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Thread: Ban evasion help!

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    Unhappy Ban evasion help!

    Okay so i was playing for like 1and a half month on an account on the emerald ocean and suddenly i got banned today for ban evasion i once bilge botted like 8 years ago... and after that i was getting banned after like 2 weeks everytime can anyone help me out to like get not banned once again? you could pm me your skype if you want to help me or put ur solutions down here really need something that i can keep playing and not get banned once again...
    Thanks alot...


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    All I did was buy a new computer and went to my ISP and got a new router/modem and I've been clean for 5 weeks now. They were banning me every 3 days before.

    I also didn't tell people in game who I was, didn't do the same stuff I used to, and I laid low for the first couple weeks.

    Hope this helps.

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    It is possible... three rules.

    MOST IMPORTANT - operator must change your ip or you need to change operator (or vpn's but i noticed that PP wont open actually when using them)
    Next - format your computer to be safe 100%
    Third - use T-MAC Address Changer.

    And i am safe since 2 years

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    Lost 25+ accounts in like 3 days.
    The answer: VPN. I use NordVPN pretty cool, click a country, connect, done.

    Other options such as TMac and reformatting haven't been used on my fresh accounts. Have them botting around the clock too.

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    Sorry to hear that Loan, I literally moved house and got a new laptop. Untracable now

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    you cheaters all deserve to be banned lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by carly View Post
    you cheaters all deserve to be banned lol
    This site was literally made to cheat...
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    I'm a little dense. How does a VPN hide you from the OM's entirely?

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