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    Safety whilst buying an account

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've been here, quit PP a long time ago after getting banned for ban evasion. Decided to come back cause I love PP and poker (Been a sucker on PokerStars and 888, PP poker will give me back my confidence).

    Cant be bothered training an account to look legit and all from scratch, so I'm looking to buy one, spending up to $1000.

    My question is, how would I secure myself against the owner recovering it? And what can I do to ensure that I do not get the account banned after buying it? I'm not going to automate the bots, rather doing it manually.

    I've bought an account in the past that got banned within 1 hour of me playing, wasting about $250. I was using a tainted PC that had ran Untainter + changed username + changed TMac (I heard this no longer works though) + changed IP (Dynamic). I never got around to using a VPN, as I didnt wanna waste more $ subscribing to one when I've already burned $250 on an account.

    Should I have purchased a Premium VPN on top of the usual steps above? What else can be helped?

    TL;DR How do I secure myself from the owner recovering the account, and how do I keep it unbanned?

    Thanks guys!

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    With yer budget the best thing would be to buy a new cheap laptop and router.

    Account wise you should find an old pirate from the same country (no cross-border).
    Who do you think you are?

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    I have an amazing account for ale for that amount, is worth a lot more, add me on Skype : ultswordfight

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    also, it is a normal thing to buy accounts from cross-boarder mehfailz, as we both know I sold an account to a country 15 hours from the seller, people do move you know :P

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