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Thread: staying unbanned for atleast 2 months to a year or close to it?

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    Lightbulb staying unbanned for atleast 2 months to a year or close to it?

    Has anyone achieved this? What did you do. What untaint process? Do you go straight into making your stats fancy and then talking or what? Did you ever go back to your old friends? What did you not do that you think kept you unbanned?

    I keep getting banned but here are the things i think i may be doing wrong.
    Talking to friends after a day or two.
    /wing old friends from previouse accounts
    Getting Ults/Legs "decent stats" while green
    Sfing decently while green
    Using the same ocean
    Adverising the same "service " i do for poe on each account. "Avatars"

    My untaint Process-
    Uninstall Using Revo Pro Uninstaller on Advanced.
    Delete all the left over files it says
    Delete hash.dat
    Delete Java Pref folder
    Change Username
    Change Computer Name
    Sometimes Change Hardware Key
    Use TMAC
    Untaint Button
    Redownload in a Private Window on Google Chrome
    Hope for the best

    But after that still get banned.
    Ive had Hide My Ass for 1 week. Doing that exact process and have been banned 3 times. And its quite disapointing on my part I feel.

    Also another thing I noticed with the Hash.Dat file. Say i get banned December 3rd. The hash dot dat filed said it was last Modified October 31st. What does this mean and does this mean it is stored somewhere else besides Program Files hidden?

    So bot-supply what am I doing wrong? And what can I do to be more successful with ban evading for 2-a year.

    Thanks in Advanced



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    TMAC hasn't worked for years and it sounds like you are using HMA free which is also going to get you banned since everyone can use it and becomes tainted immediately.

    I would also take it as a guess that you afk bot if not always somewhat frequently. YPP relies a lot on reports still and you can be identified by that.

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    Hmm I am confused on the HMA free part? I pad for it because it was recommended I guess? Can you reach more on that point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreayshawn View Post
    Hmm I am confused on the HMA free part? I pad for it because it was recommended I guess? Can you reach more on that point?
    A while back they offered a free VPN service along with their paid, they reused/kept those VPN ips so a lot were tainted because a core of the banned puzzle pirates players used to use that to circumvent bans.

    Generally it's more your in-game behavior and how much of a fuck up you were when you were initially banned that makes the most difference.

    I've used the untainters every time and have no issues until some one tries to get me banned because I beat them in a puzzle and they are a lil salty.
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    I am still kind of confused on what to not do whilst done the whole untaint process

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    Untaint your own network and don't use a VPN/socks. Also google chrome gives away too much information about your identity, so you're better off using another browser and be sure to turn on "do not track"

    Be sure to reinstall java aswell
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    FULL 100% UNTAINT:

    Changing IP - operator of your internet must do it, not by vpn's or any shits. only that way as i said.
    T-MAC - it helps a lot. Do experiment - format your computer, then use untaint in supply and try to make new acc without changing MAC Address. It will say you are tainted (even you changed IP). Dont try then to log on, just format again and log on ONLY WITH T-MAC AND IP.
    Format computer - you must fully clean computer. Change computer name.

    3 ways to be clean.

    And you must to:
    1. Be anonymous, dont talk to friends. Even they are trusted.
    2. Dont do your stats too speed - you can try with max 1-2 puzzles.
    3. You cannot be in this same crew too speed.
    4. Dont share acc with anyone / log only on your pirate.
    5. Teamviewer is weird. It isnt always safe.
    7. Dont try to clean computer without format - one file which u didnt delete and you will be banned.
    8. If you did something wrong like theft or something - you will get ban 100%. Supply-Crate Untainter WONT HELP. You can try to trade things/money by few accounts/pirates and deleting them... But you will get ban for "theft" on main and "ban evasion NICK" on rest. Don't believe that Trinket Scammer from YT (who got Sea Horse). He tells Supply will help you staying without ban. Bullshit.
    9. EVERY BOT FROM THIS SITE is safe. Don't be scared to use it. They will ban only for evasion and thefting, eventually swearing. And bots from other sites.
    DONT USE SCAR DIVI TO BOT. there is awesome gunning bot, reaching easily #1, but banning immediately when you will reach broad.
    10. you CAN leave computer when bots are working. I got ONLY illustrious/ulti bilging in 4 days and then stopped. Without ban. But play on not popular navy, like Armstrong or Greenwich. My option was being colonized on Descartes Isle, cause violet navy is amazing.

    11. DONT DO ANYTHING AGAINST TOS. Only bots here are safe, you wont get ban. Dont use DiS too much.

    Enjoy, sorry for being chaotical
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    I can confirm, I had to leave my bot on auto and leave for longs periods of time my PC, just to come back and still there, intact. I was suspended for an unrelated issue (breach of TOS), but they never whined about botting. I think if you do now say to anyone, you will never be banned (or if you don't straightline in combats, things like that), but flots and SMHs are great if you do not enter combat, as you can bot auto for more than a hour at a time! Just do NOT trade with shady people or try to scam other pirates, and you'll be fine.

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