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    Read before posting

    Here are some general guidelines that should be used for both the questioning and answering parties.

    DO type your questions and/or problems clearly. If english is not your first language, or you are just bad at it in general. Take your time posting. It makes it easier on the rest of us.
    DO include screenshots.
    DO NOT include any billing or information or give any information regarding any of your accounts or passwords to anyone.
    DO NOT post more than one thread of your problem.
    DO NOT spam.

    DO remain respectful to Questioners and fellow Answerers. Just because you have superior intellect doesn't mean you need to be mean to others.
    DO use proper English.
    DO give info you KNOW is right. Not info you assume is right.
    DO NOT think you are above getting infracted for being rude, spamming, or using gross amounts of improper English.
    DO NOT give misleading information purposefully.
    DO NOT post anything other than what is the related to the OP's topic.