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Flaming Balls downgrade?

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    Flaming Balls downgrade?

    Hello, and please don't take this the wrong way because I for one as a customer of a few years love everything you guys have done. My issue is that when I played before, flaming balls was fine, very tolerable and able to achieve leg with practice, but now it purposely skips pieces. I used to use it a ton and I have never seen it do what it currently is doing. I have untainted, and redownloaded and it still has the same result. I dropped to respected because of this, and I wonder if its because of the new bot release? Anyway, was hoping we could fix it if possible and if not...well I guess I'll have to just enjoy the rest. Thanks! =)

    It didn't get touched and also is not supported or sold anymore.

    You may want to pick up the new Shots Fired 2.0 when it comes out
    Who do you think you are?