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    Working on a Bot Framework

    Hi all,

    Just joined this community but long time botter and software developer. I've been working on a project for quite a while and it's becoming increasingly clear that I've bitten off more than I can chew.

    Specifically, I'm creating a Java bot framework and API so that developers can easily write bots. I've made a basic rigging bot–which works quite well, I may add–however I'm torn between the two main areas of my project: improving the framework and actually writing the bots themselves.

    Why should you care? Well let me tell you some of the current features of my bot framework:
    • No reliance on screen-scraping to read game state
    • Can read, analyze new game state much faster than raster-based solutions
    • Ability to programmatically interact with the game engine
    • Injectable mouse/key events
    • Does not hijack computer mouse/keyboard
    • Can work in the background, does not require window focus (but cannot be minimized, at least not yet)
    • Can render custom graphics inside the game window itself (augmented gameplay, essentially)
    I would like to focus entirely on the framework since good puzzle solutions are already out there and I still sense that there is a lack of a reliable and fast framework.

    If any devs out there are interesting in collaborating, reply here or shoot me a message. Thanks for reading.
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    Good luck.