[Read] How to Avoid Scams

Dear Community,

It has come to our attention that there have been a number of scams in recent months, in conjunction with users filing reports without the required information. This guide will attempt to help you avoid scams in the future, and know how to report them should thay occur.

1. Be Cautious.

Don't just go around trading with every user who says they are buying or selling PoE/offering services - do some short checks:

- Check their profile. Check the date on which they joined and their post count - often scammers use new/clean accounts to avoid losing any bots they have purchased and/or their reputation in the community.
- Check the thread on which you found their services. Look for vouches and positive feedback from members who you can consider as trustworthy (May be on a separate vouch thread that should be linked in the original post by the user).
- If they have added you on Skype/MSN in response to a thread you made looking for/requesting services, ask them to confirm that they are who they say they are by sending you a PM on the forum.
- If they require to use your Puzzle Pirates/Runescape account for a valid reason (e.g. to work on a stat), DO NOT send them your account information. Instead, ask to connect to their PC via Teamviewer so you can log yourself in on their computer. Request to watch the servicer over Teamviewer while they enhance your stat so you can ensure they are not doing something you do not want them to.
- If a deal looks like it is 'too good to be true' (e.g. prices extremely cheap) then it is a likely scam. It is better to say "no" and be wrong in the end than going through with the trade and be scammed.

N.B. It is recommended that you move any valuable possessions/money from the account onto an alternate account for safe keeping while the service is performed.

2. Use a Middle-Man.

Often abbreviated as 'MM', middle-men are a neutral party in the trade that ensure that both parties play fair by recieving the traded items/money from both parties, and swapping the items over to the opposite party.

- There is a section in the forums where you can find MM threads (Middleman Services).
- Once again, make sure the middleman you use is unbiased in the situation and can be trusted.
- If you request to use a middle-man, clearly state that you wish to use a middle-man and once you have found one who has agreed to do the deal, state their Skype and Bot-Supply name to allow the opposite party to confirm that this is the real user (a legitimate middle-man).
- If the user wishes to use a middle-man, ask them to post who they are going to use and then confirm this MM is who the opposite party says they are by means of PMing.

3. Question them.

Ask the user a few of the following:

- How many times have they performed this service.
- How many vouches they have.
- How long they have been performing this service for.
- Whether it is okay to use a MM for this trade.
- Whether it is okay to watch them enhance your stats over Teamviewer.

It is recommended that you record the trade using a video recording or taking regular screenshots to enable us to have a better view of the trade.
If you are not satisfied with their answers/they try to avoid the questions/refuse to answer the questions/reply 'no' to the last two questions, DO NOT trade with them. Thank them for their time, and politely end the negotiations and conversation.

4. After the trade.

If the trade has gone successfully and you have no initial concerns,

- Save screenshots of Skype/MSN chats onto your computer in case any information is wiped.
- Save screenshots of and Paypal/other money service receipts/logs for the same reason.
- Post on the user's thread regarding your opinion and feedback on the quality/efficiency of the service for other users to take into account when trading with them.
- Check Paypal/other money services periodically in case a chargeback or error with payment occurs so you can report them/ solve the issue immediately.

If you believe you have been scammed or suspect a user has attempted to scam you, post a new thread in the 'Report A Member' section entitled "Report [USER'S BOT-SUPPLY NAME]".

Guide on what to post:

- Upload screenshots of anything you deem important (as proof that they have scammed you) to an image hosting site (e.g. Tinypic, Imgur) and embed/link the photos into the thread.
- Include screenshots of details of Paypal/other money services transactions and relevant Skype/MSN chats.
- DO NOT attempt to re-size, edit, or block out things from your screenshots (unless they comprimise your personal or bank information/game account names).
- DO NOT copy and paste text logs into the thread, use screenshots instead.
- DO NOT upload images/files to a P2P File Sharing network that requires Moderators+ to download files. We will not download files.
- Avoid editing your posts in the thread (we can see what you posted originally anyway). In a Report A Member thread you may post multiple times consecutively only if updated evidence is needed to be posted.


What happens next:

- Allow 24 hours for a response. If after 24 hours, there is no response from a Moderator+, bump the thread and wait again.
- If you are required to post new evidence, please do so as soon as possible.
- A Moderator+ will add you on Skype to review your evidence over Teamviewer to ensure it is legitimate and not forged.
- If your thread has been locked and Report rejected, DO NOT post a new thread unless substantial evidence has appeared.

If you are not the OP, the accused party or a Moderator+, DO NOT post in any thread in the 'Report A Member' section. If you have any evidence that may aid our verdict and you are not directly linked to the case, PM a staff member as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,
The Staff Team at Bot-Supply
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    Selling POE 6.5m stock ($130 for all or $21/m)

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