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Selling&Buying Poe.. S>27$USD/M---|---B>20$USD/M.

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    Selling Selling&Buying Poe.. S>27$USD/M---|---B>20$USD/M.

    As the Title says. I'm [S]elling&[B]uying PoE. Currently I'm [S]elling at the Price of 27$USD/M, 6m in stock,& [B]uying for 20$USD/M, up to 20m. I mostly only Accept PayPal. But I'm also willing to accept other types of Payments. Like Cash app. FBMessenger and a few others. My Disc is Swimo#5428

    I'm a trusted member so very rarely will I be going first. Just message me on disc. Swimo#5428 please do not hate on my lil side hustle of buying and selling poe. I'm just trying to make ends meet during these hard times of this Covid-19 Pandemic. I am avaliable almost 24/7 as I bring my laptop almost everywhere I go. So you can get your poe when YOU need it. I'm sure alot of you can relate "especially you "High Stakes Poker Players. if you've ever bought poe you know it can be a hassle sometimes trying to find someone online and avaliable that isnt just gonna scam ya and then ya end up 20-30$s short, with still no poe. It's actually happened to me a few times. That's why only under rare circumstances will I be going first. I have no bad rep on my name and I solely do good business and only good business. I'm a strong believer in karma and I don't need no bad juju lurking over me. But back to what I initially was tryn to get at is dont always just jump to a conclusion and just assume that me buying Poe just for Reselling purposes makes me a POS or something. I'm literally just tryna help both the Buyers & Sellers out. Mostly because I'm available literally like 23 hours a day 7days a week. You can either PM me on here or on my Discord. Witch Again is Swimo#5428 I'm more likely to be notified of a new F/R or PM Via Discord. As my PM's on this site don't always notify me instantly. I feel like I've been typing for days so Im'a cut this short. I also offer alot of other services as well you will just have to Msg me and ask what all I offer. I love each and everyone of you. So have fun, stay safe, an happy Puzzling.
    ~Sincerely, Swimo#5428
    Please leave your vouches here.