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Tip to Improving Shots Fired Performance (CPU)

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    Tip to Improving Shots Fired Performance (CPU)

    As you all may know, increasing your computer's CPU usage can greatly help Shots Fired not 'mess up' as much with its arrow placement/loading. This thread will show you how to increase CPU performance on Windows without having to run any external programs. (I used to run Diablo 3 in the background when it was released; this obviously isn't the best away to go around this)

    1) Open Notepad

    2) Write:

    While True



    3) Save the file as "XYZ.vbs"

    * Include the quotation marks in the file name, this ensures that the file isn't saved as a .txt but as a visual basic script file.

    4) Open the task manager, click the performance bar on the top and you will see % usage of your CPU.

    5) Run this script as many times as you need to reach your desired usage % (Personally takes me 4-5)

    6) After your gunning session, end all the VBS processes.

    I will concede that Shots Fired isn't the best bot, especially as someone who's used BoS before in the past. However, a lot of the problems that people notice with the bot is alleviated by increasing CPU usage; the steps above make the process much easier. This isn't to say that the bot still encounters problems such as accidentally loading the piece right after or placing the arrow too quickly/slowly (therefore skipping a piece). However, I was able to actually reach Ultimate with Shots Fired by stressing the hell out of my CPU using this method- it's one hell of a grind but it is possible. (For reference I got solid experience and silver cannon trophy by using Shots Fired only before lucking out hard on consecutive boards)

    The higher your CPU performance ( no throttle / energy saving) the smoother the client will run, which in turn makes it much easier for the bot to re-read the pieces every frame at high speed. Skipping frames or microstuttering messes with the bot due to the way its coded.

    If you are on a laptop you should also always plug in the power charging cable.

    Thanks for this quick help, yargh.
    Who do you think you are?


      I've tried messing with mouse/pointer speeds and certain registry values to see if it was a mouse issue sometimes, but I didn't notice any significant differences.

      + If you're doing this right and understand the inevitable mistakes Shots Fired will occasionally make, people should be able to get Ren-GM comfortably. It's from Leg on forward that's a real pain in the rear.

      ++ I don't know what Mehfailz's standpoint would be on this, but I wouldn't suggest using this in battle unless you're able to Ctrl+S really fast and fix/load any pieces yourself while maintaining the loop the bot made. Other gunners will notice weirdly booched guns (i.e dust-powder-rag, etc), and maybe be able to notice. I really want to say that it's somewhat viable in battle just because of the extreme shortage of gunners on Emerald lately... but at the end of the day don't want to suggest it.
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        Good tip in general. I often run a YouTube video in the background to speed up client performance for puzzles. It really helps with speed-based puzzles like Gunning, Distilling and Swordfighting. I just find the client feels smoother, perhaps due to increased frame rate. I guess if you can disable your CPU sleep/throttling/power saving features that would be a more permanent solution.


          The imbalance between suppl-demand of gunners on emerald right now is so depressing though.


            I'm so confused, what am i doing wrong... max speed, throwing up youtube videos, it can barely fill the first gun...


              Having an external graphics card on whatever computer you're running might help, along with higher CPU usage. (which can be monitored using task manager)

              As Mehfailz said earlier on in the thread, everything mentioned in this thread will help the bot in "reading" the board and pieces every frame, which will make the bot run smoother.