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    Smart Re station Bot

    Hey so I am building a smart re station bot and have run into a problem. I can take a picture of the deck and manipulate the pixels but my problem is that because most decks are larger then 1 picture I need the bot to be able to determine what part of the whole deck it is looking at. Basically at this point what I do is null all pixels that are not stations or arrows. So I am left with a picture that is all black with the exception of the station icons. my problem what I have not been able to figure out is how to determine what part of the deck I am looking at. any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    I dont know if your still around but If you want me to poke around some of the source codes I have laying around,

    I have one that will take a picture, compare it to another picture to see if their identical. This would be good for your case pm me or message back here and Ill get it.

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