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    DNav bot

    I hear a lot of people want a dnav bot, I really do, but point is lets build it. I have made a bot or two in the past in both c# and java and for this one i am going to use java because i like it more, also i am testing a new screen searching algorithm that should be very fast aprox 1-2 milliseconds using threads. back to point such as it is the bot will be able to detect pieces incoming, and placed pieces on the circles. It also know which places are open. finally it will be able to detect the end positions to finish the constellation. what i am asking you guys here on bs is to help me build the algorithm to find the best place for pieces. so far i have:
    get the falling star, if the star is needed to fill a constellation then it will determine on which level the star is need, if there is an open slot it will attempt to drop it into that slot by turning the upper row unless that will result in the slot filling. if that can happen it will look to break a three of a color not need or already filled. and thats it... if you can make it better or help out or see a problem leave it in the comments!

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    Make sure it doesn't break a combo on the inner layer when the second layer is complete, thats all my advice on the subject
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    i would be willing to help you test the dnav bot even if it gets a fine on the "duty report". In the end it would be a great achievement.

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    Just in general, make sure it's fast enough that the piece hasn't already fallen by the time you get around to moving the rings.
    Could be a problem if it's falling into a filled space, and the bot doesn't have time to react.

    Otherwise it seems like a good idea.

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