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Thread: Scammer Hammer [Working on it now]

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    Scammer Hammer [Working on it now]

    I have recently been thinking about the things you have to do to have a trusted trade. Such as looking the people up.

    Well the program i am working on will have search options to do so but may not be as safe as doing the research the harder way but it is an easier option.

    Reasons this would be less safe then doing the work your self is because i have to manually input these things as i do not have the proper permissions to access

    the things like a Mod or Admin would. I have asked them for one thing so far but no word yet.

    What exactly does the program do? Good question. This program will provide listboxes that contain banned users, skypes, and emails.

    instead of scrolling threw each person in the listbox their will be a search bar.

    Say joe messages you selling poe and you do not know joe. You search joes skype and joes bot supply name. If joe is new or a person whom hasnt been banned

    then his name will not appear in any of these sections. But say you search joe and his skype shows as a banned user then you know joe isnt a trusted person.

    Also if joe is ban evading the site and has a new skype and your close to purchasing poe from him he will send you his paypal information (email).

    You can search the email and majority of the time scammers and evaders will use the same thing atleast 1 of the 3 listed so if joe used the same email as

    before you then have proof he is a scammer and you could avoid losing money and warn others on the forum.

    This may seem hard and a lot of work but i would happily manually build this for everyone to have a safer transaction.

    This is coded in VS VB.

    Anyone willing to help with the project pm me.

    You might say it would be easier to connect a API and use a database and you would be right, But i do not have access nor the rights to these things from the

    BS team.

    What i could do is add a sql data base and allow the staff to have access to edit things. But this would cost a lil money to have the right amount of storage and

    the free ones only last so long or are shit lets be honest.

    Suggestions widely appreciated.


    I thought about possibly adding a skype resolver this way we have a IP section to look up these people but with VPNs and IPs changing often this wouldn't be as

    good of an idea. Also with personal information like that being exploited to public im pretty sure that would break TOS some how.

    I will add a help/guide to where and how you do this but without links due to TOS im sure thats a no no also and because virus scanners pick links up easily.

    Id like to see a lot done with this as i said it helps everyone.

    Tell me what you guys think!

    General looks so far.
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    stupidest idea i have ever heard
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    scola55, people with common sense wouldn't need that "tool".

    It doesn't take much effort to google a persons Skype or to ask for a PM on Bot Supply. Just be more careful and choose more wisely with whom you trade. It would just be super easy to bypass that "tool" by creating a new Skype or Bot Supply Account (like many scammers do before they get banned) and not be listed.

    I appreciate your motivation, but I doubt that it will become a thing.
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    Who do you think you are?

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    you know, when you have someone on whatsapp or Skype you should probs have a talk with them after u had a busy week and didn't have time than comment about a stupid post I made, ggwp.

    - - - Updated - - -

    and having a skyperesolver implemented into scupply crate isn't such a bad idea.

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    stage 5 clinger ayyyy

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    aye but the tool would save people time. and skype resolvers would actually be a great thing to have but you would have a lot of people getting ddosd and i dont want that to happen.

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