Hey all, long time no see.

So I'm reaching out to the Nottingham community I know to help me with a bot I'd like made.

I game mostly on the Xbox one these days, and with games like destiny and soon ESO on console, one glaring set back versus the computer is a voice chat server.

So my idea is to set up a pseudo server on my laptop. For this I need a bot that will function Skype for me. I dedicated call that all my clan members can attach to.

On to the requirements.
- Must auto answer every call sent its way
- Must be able to reconnect to Skype and join previous call of disconnected. (I'm not 100%, but I believe if the primary caller hangs up, it hangs up everyone. In this case, it must be able to mass call all previously connected at disconnect. If it can just join everyone who is still on the call, then that's the route.)
- Must be able to drop a message into chat when someone connects to the call (much like a MOTway

- Able to have a black list
- Able to have remote control

I'm taking bids for this. Howuch would you want me to pay you to make this? The only stipulation is that you have a month or less to complete it.

As well, it is understood that I will not sell it, reproduce it, or give it out in any way. You may do so however.

Get paid to make a bot that's useful and you yourself can sell? This is a no brainer if you have the skill for it.

So do you?

One week from today I'll close this. Hopefully people bid in! Spread the word.