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    Ty's Robot Tools!

    Ty's Robot Tools v2
    (in C#)

    How to download: Click the link, wait 5 secs, then hold Ctrl+S, unzip, setup.exe!
    Download Program
    Download Source HUGE Thanks to Notion for is libraries!

    I remade my robot tools awhile ago and I've decided to release it. It has a bunch of cool nifty tools that will help you with screen recognition to help you write bots! NOTE this tool will only be useful if you have some knowledge of coding bots, preferably c#. It's roughly the same thing as my old one but with a couple of sweet tweaks.

    This program allows you to "Move To", "Capture", "Find Color", "Zero Out", "Find Color Sequence". All of these options will be described below.

    Move To
    Move to is used for finding a RGB color from a specific location and also the multiplier of the RGB color. Also it gives you a visual of were your mouse is located on x & y.
    Understanding the feedback:
    Color [A=255, R=255, G=255, B=255]
    [X:234, Y:234] [16777215]
    This Means:
    Color [A=not sure, R=red, G=green, B=blue]
    [X:x coordinate, Y:y coordinate] [multiplier]
    Capture is probably the must useful because you can set your mouse anywhere on the screen and it will record it's x, y, and color. You will need to use spacebar with the button highlighted to use! You'll notice there is 9 boxes, the center box is your recorded box. The other boxes are the pixels around the box.

    Find Color
    Find color is kinda complicated. First off, you have two options: you can find a color with the multiplier or find it with RGB colors. Either way both are efficient.

    Find Color Sequence
    This tab is very useful when trying to locate your application's location. It's only for multipliers at the moment. This method is you for finding a sequence of pixels, kinda like finding bitmaps but a lot faster. Lets say you "captured" a color at x: 100 y: 500 . You would take that color's multipler and put it in "Color 1:"'s textbox. Next you would "move to" x: 101 y: 500 . Take the next color and put it in "Color 2:". Then repeat this for color 3.

    Zero Out
    This is very complicated & you will need experience in coding bot before understanding this! When making a bot you will need to understand that the application may move. So we need a way of making sure our coordinates move with it. Zero out tab is a helpful tab in finding the difference between your application's position and the relativity of your target coordinate.


    Notice we have Initial Project boxes. You need a to get Initial coordinates for your application that can be found when the window is located anywhere on the screen (Find Color Sequence colors, color 1). Once you have these fill them in. Now go to Capture tab. Quickly take a capture of your target. Now return to Zero out tab. Notice it filled in coordinated in your initial target boxes. Now click zero out. Your final difference is going to be your new coordinates for that target. BUT WAIT! To get the exact coordinates of you target you will need to set up a function that will add your (application window coordinates + your difference coordinates)!

    Actual example...
    So lets say we have our:

    Initial project/application coordinates are: (35, 60).
    Initial target coordinates are: (200, 360).

    Now we find our final difference is: (165,300).

    To find our new coordinates we will need a formula like this...

    int targetX = (differenceX + projectX);
    int targetX = ((165) + (projectX)); // projectX should be found by your application already.

    int 200 = ((165) + (35));

    Formula for find Color's Multiplier
    Color = red * 256 * 256 + green * 256 + blue

    How to download: Click the link, wait 5 secs, then hold Ctrl+S, unzip, setup.exe!
    Download Program
    Download Source HUGE Thanks to Notion for is libraries!
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    Good work Ty, good to see you're still in the game.

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    Mind shooting me, or another member of staff the source to confirm it is not anything dangerous. Thanks.

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    Updated the thread.

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