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Thread: Tester Helper (Tool Release)

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    Tester Helper (Tool Release)

    So I decided on my day off to code something I thought could be useful to upcoming coders for YPP.

    This program I have made is to help test your bots whether it be a basic tool, or a puzzle bot. To a lot of people this is quite useless, however it can be useful if you know how to use it.

    Screenshot :

    What it does?

    I don't know about other coders, but I do know that testing tools/bots out on Puzzle Pirates is really frustrating, especially if you are doing something as simple as counting the teaming on a bellator. So this tool will pretend to be a Puzzle Pirates window which you can then use your bot on to test it.
    This program is designed to use screenshots that are /print 'd from Puzzle Pirates so stick to those ones!


    Window Title
    Changes the Form's Window Title to help with detection of the YPP window
    if needed to be changed.

    Find: Find the desired Screenshot to use (Select one at a time).
    Up: Move the selected picture up.
    Down: Move the selected picture down.
    Remove: Remove the selected picture.

    Single Picture Mode (Checked)
    This is used if you wish to test on a single screenshot without the pictures
    changing. Select the picture you wish to use from the listbox and then click
    "Test Screenshots" To finish this mode press Ctrl+N
    This mode was designed in case you needed to test what your bot would do
    in a certain rare situation. It does show you where the bot intends to click.

    Regular Mode (Single Picture Mode Unchecked)
    The pictures will be displayed in order of the listbox, everytime you click, the
    picture will change to the next picture.

    If at any point you need skip pictures/finish press Ctrl+N. It is a shortcut to
    move pictures, just keep going until the end.

    Download: Download

    I know this is very vague instructions, but please if you are a serious coder check this tool out and see what you can do with it. If you encounter any problems or bugs don't hesitate to PM me or send me a Skype message on my only Skype account which is : Thescarecrow-BotSupply.

    If you need a tutorial on how to use it, hit me up on Skype and I will show you


    I did get the idea from Severn so some credits must go to him ♥♥♥ Love you Buddy
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    Damn :'D great contribution Scare! I hope people use this and make something epic from it.
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    Super sexy release, scare. :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Face View Post
    Super sexy release, scare. :3
    Thanks bebz. I thought it was pretty snazzy

    (Link updated due to a minor bug :O )

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    Released with a bug??.. FFS Scare!.. You've just set BS back like, a whole year..I KIDZ.
    I may have to jump back into my (slowly learning) coding shoes.. Great proggy man.
    Much appreciated.


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