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    Help me out on C#

    Im wondering about starting coding and someday maybe make a bot myself(hopefully there wont be bots for all the puzzles allready)
    Or just make something small for myself.
    Well does anyone know any website for begginers/total noobs at coding.To be honest i dont even have the program for the coding thingy so if someone could provide the link that would be great.If it costs anything also.Since im too lazy, maybe some small tutorial on the basics.Or detecting stuff and moving the mouse.AFK bot kind of.
    I did code before, but it was Macromedia Flash 8 Pro.Actionscript, is that any different from C# ?
    Sorry for my noobiness or if i offended someone with my stupidity. sigh

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    TheNewBoston - Free Educational Video Tutorials on Computer Programming, Adobe Software, Computer Science and More! is a good place to start. It takes a very long time to be at the level to make bots though.

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    Tutorial Contents is a good place for starting c#

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    Thanks for the links guys.Yeah it will obviously take some time but im gonna take it slow lol :P

    EDIT:Lol pain in the ass to learn this.Scar is much more easy.Think ill stick with that
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