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Thread: Colour/Pixel Detection Tools

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    Colour/Pixel Detection Tools

    I noticed how a lot of tool coders were trying to get the pixel colours (R, G, B) through paint... I found this slow to do in all honesty, and if you misplaced a number your pixel screwed up and you had to go through the whole process all over again.

    Hence I decided to make some tools.

    Colour Picker

    The first one is a called "Colour Picker" (Yes, I'm Australian... and thats how we spell it.)

    This tool with either take a screenshot of your screen (Not the whole screen, top, right hand side... you'll see if you use it) Or it can open a screenshot you have taken.

    Then literally all you have to do is move your mouse and look for the pixel you want. If you click, it will then freeze that pixel in another text box in the format you would use for your bot or tool...

    If you want the not-wall-of-text-version.
    1. Click "Take Picture" or "Choose Picture"
    2. Move your mouse to the position of the pixel you want.
    3. Click.

    Screenshot : capture2.jpg

    Based on this project :

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Puzzle Pirates Screenshot : Colour Picked for YPP!

    This version will take a full screenshot of just Puzzle Pirates and give you the colour! (Cause Wastedbro asked me to make it... hehe)

    Please have puzzle pirates open (no need to be logged in) and be the first window under this tool. Thankyou

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Test Pixel

    The second tool is a test pixel tool, Literally, all you have to do is input the R, G, B of the pixel you are testing into the text and click test pixel. If it works, it will move your mouse to the pixel if it exists. (Use with tool #1 and it should work out fine)

    Short Instructions :
    1. Input your R, G, B
    2. Click Test.

    Screenshot : testpixel.png
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Just two little tools that make colour detection easier.

    Download (both are in zip file...) : Pixel Tools!

    Source Download : Source Files

    (Don't get confused with Schalk's video that finds a bitmap in a screenshot... This will find one pixel in a screenshot... faster, but if there is more then one of the same pixel, it won't work as well.)

    Credits : To Schalk, he helped me but did not know it. The code is to find the colour is his, and personally I don't think he gets near enough recognition for the codes he has that are open to the public.

    So yeah, Enjoy! If you have any problems using them or just in fact LIKE the tools, let me know Thanks.
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    been wanting something like this for a while thanks.
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    No problem! I'm glad it helped

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    Pretty usefull, not for me that i got my own code inputed inside my bots, But for new people out there, you did an awesome job, +1 like for you

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    Bump! Added a version of the colour picker to just give you pixel of only the puzzle pirates screen :3 Enjoy, Download is in the Original Post!

    Or here. Colour Picker for YPP!

    Please have puzzle pirates open (no need to be logged in) and be the first window under this tool. Thankyou

    Again, Schalk, Your Jesus and NotionLib is my bible.
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    That's awesome, now all I need to do is learn to code, hahah. I know bits of basic and python, but thats it.

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    thank you

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