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Thread: [WIP] Bnav helper tool

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    [WIP] Bnav helper tool

    Started something.
    Here's the concept:

    Status on this project right now:
    Bots detects the game, the position of each ship and check how much "loaded" the white bar is over them.
    Current problem, bot think we are our own enemy sometimes and it fucks it self up. wow.

    to do: make the colored tiles appear depending how loaded the white bar is.

    Also to do: learn how to make an overlay.

    finally to do: Add canons RED colored tiles.

    P.S.: I might abandon the project in mid dev since im lazy. We'll see.
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    Cool idea, keep up the good work!

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    If I tell you this helper would help save thousand of lost souls trying to understand how to battle navigate properly would that make you not wanna quit halfway through? If so I am one of those lost souls that would want you to finish this keep up the good work!

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    I wouldn't give up on it. It seems like a really good idea. If you did complete it I'd definitely be interested.

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    What image detection are you using to determine ship location and enemy vs self?
    I'm very curious about this development..if you've got a discord maybe we can chat some time.
    Keep up the good work

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    Check out this bnav tool, it works pretty well, I used to be able to max-2 people quite often!

    The Captain

    Edit: forgot to put the link...

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